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We have searched the world to offer the perfect lineup of artisanal cheeses. This list shows a representative sample of what we've got in store as of March 2008. Availibility of cheeses can vary and it's possible we may have a great find in store that is not listed here. Please call with questions or drop us an email to find a specific cheese.

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Avondale Truckle  From Darlington
By Karl Geissbuhler and Greg Schulte, Fayette Creamery • Hard • Cloth-wrapped cheddar-style cheese • Tall truckle-shaped wheel • Raw milk • Traditional rennet • Natural rind & molds  • Buttery, nutty and fruity • Cellar aged 1-2 years.
Bandaged Cheddar  From Blue Mounds
By Willi Lehner, Bleu Mont Dairy • Hard • Bandaged cheddar made in British farmhouse style • Bound in cloth  • Big flavor, good balance • Cave-aged 18+ months.
Big Eds  From Cleveland
By Klessig-Heimerl Family, Saxon Homestead Creamery • Firm • Partially skimmed, raw cow’s milk • Clean rind • Buttery body • Aged 60+ days.
Brick, Aged  From Theresa
By Joe Widmer, Widmer's Cheese Cellars • Soft • Traditional Wisconsin-style surface-ripened, washed rind brick • Third-generation cheesemaker  • Full-flavored, earthy and pungent • Aged 3+ months.
Brun-Uusto  From Darlington
By Karl Geissbuhler and Greg Schulte, Brunkow Cheese of Wisconsin • Semi-Firm • 'Bread cheese' is baked • Crust is brown and caramelized • Inspired by Finnish and Swedish Juustoleipa • Best when warmed on a griddle before serving • Top with honey or preserves; or try savory toppings • Carmel & butter notes.
Buttermilk Blue  From Monroe
By Roth Kδse • Firm • Raw milk cheese from predominantly Jersey cows • Fruity and buttery; rich blue • Aged 60+ days.
Cheddar, 10-year  From Mineral Point
By Tony and Julie Hook, Hook's Cheese Company • Firm • Carefully selected for super-aging • Dense and crumbly • Complex, sharp cheddar flavor with caramel and crunchy calcium lactate granules • Aged 10 years.
Cheddar, 5-year  From Mineral Point
By Tony and Julie Hook, Hook's Cheese Company • Firm • Traditional, hand-crafted Wisconsin orange block-formed cheddar • Cave-aged • Pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet • Moist, sharp and full-flavored • Aged 5 years.
Cheddar, Apple-Smoked  From La Valle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese • Hard • White cheddar smoked over apple wood • Rind smeared with Hungarian paprika • Aged 4-6 months.
Emmentaler  From Monticello
By Bruce Workman, Edelweiss Creamery • Firm • Traditional Wisconsin Big Wheel Swiss from Green County • Raw milk from two nearby dairies • Made in a copper vat • 180-lb wheels • Flavor is sweet, nutty and sharp • Aged 18-24 months.
Gouda  From Thorp
By Marieke Penterman, Holland's Family Farm • Firm • Traditional farmstead gouda made by Dutch cheesemaker with Wisconsin cow’s milk • Raw and pasteurized available • Young and Aged • Sweet caramelized flavor • Natural and flavored varieties available: Cumin, Fenugreek, Onion and Garlic, Smoked.
Grand Cru Gruyθre Surchoix  From Monroe
By Roth Kδse • Firm • Alpine Gruyere made with southern Wisconsin milk in a copper-lined vat • Specially selected for extra aging • Intense, nutty, caramel, dried fruit and spice flavors • Aged 9+ months.
GranQueso  From Monroe
By Roth Kδse • Firm • Inspired by Spanish Manchego • Rind has reddish, basket-weave pattern • Sharp with a sweet finish • Aged 6+ months.
Green Fields  From Cleveland
By Klessig-Heimerl Family, Saxon Homestead Creamery • Semi-Firm • Washed rind • Whole, raw milk from cows at Saxon Farm • Melts well • Aged 60+ days.
Limburger  From Monroe
By Myron Olson, Chalet Cheese Cooperative • Semi-Firm • Small blocks of surface-ripened cheese are washed several times with a 'smear'. Classic Wisconsin Limburger was once made in dozens of cheese factories in Wisconsin, but today this is the last Limburger maker in the U.S. • Pungent nose, complex flavors and deep tradition in the state of Wisconsin • Aged 2+ months.
Little Darling  From Darlington
By Karl Geissbuhler and Greg Schulte , Fayette Creamery • Hard • Rustic farmhouse-style cheese • Made with whole, pasteurized milk from nearby dairies • Cellar aging on wooden boards produces natural rind • Earthy and complex flavor created by wild molds • Aged 3+ months.
Mascarpone  From Waterloo
By George Crave, Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese • Fresh • Made on the farm with fresh cream from the Crave Brothers’ cows • Smooth, sweet, delicate and creamy.
Original Blue  From Mineral Point
By Tony and Julie Hook, Hook's Cheese Company • Semi-Firm • Hook’s first and best known blue-veined cheese • Intense, sweet and sharp • Aged 2+ months.
Petit Frθres  From Waterloo
By George Crave, Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese • Soft • Farmstead-produced washed rind cheese • Curds are hand-ladled into cheese forms • Cave-aged on-farm • Pasteurized milk • Earthy, creamy, meaty and mushroom flavors • Aged 6+ weeks.
Pleasant Ridge Reserve  From Dodgeville
By Mike Gingrich, Uplands Cheese Company • Hard • Handmade Alpine-style cheese • Farmstead-produced in the Driftless Region • Raw milk • Only made when cows are grazing on pasture • Nutty and subtle floral notes, caramel flavor comes with age • Aged 4-9+ months and 24+ months.
Roth's Private Reserve  From Monroe
By Roth Kδse • Firm • Alpine-style cheese • Raw milk • Vegetarian rennet • Rind washed during aging • Flavors nutty and buttery • Aged 10+ months.
SarVecchio  From Plymouth
By Sartori Foods • Hard • Wisconsin Original cheese inspired by Parmesan • Dry with deep golden interior • Pasteurized milk • Pronounced caramel aroma • Calcium lactate crystals • Aged 24+ months.
Swiss, Aged  From Monroe
By Silvan Blum, Chalet Cheese Cooperative • Semi-Firm • Classic Wisconsin wheel Swiss cheese • Whole, pasteurized milk • Moist, sweet and nutty • Aged 1-2 years.
Bear, Smoky and Washed  From Blue River
By Felix Thalhammer, Capri Cheesery • Semi-Firm • Muenster-style cheese • Smoky Bear is apple wood smoked, has a tangy flavor. Washed Bear has a washed rind; dry texture, earthy and mild goaty flavor.
Chθvre au lait  From La Valle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese  • Semi-Firm • Gouda-inspired goat’s milk cheese • Sweet and nutty • Goaty tang with clean finish. Aged 6+ months.
Cocoa Cardona  From La Valle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese • Semi-Firm • Young goat's milk Gouda • Rind rubbed with cocoa powder and pepper • Subtle nutty flavor, slightly tangy, balanced by cocoa finish • Aged 6-9 months.
Feta, French  From Blue River
By Felix Thalhammer, Capri Cheesery • Soft • Mild feta • Pasteurized milk • Mild, salty, fresh and mellow • Aged 3+ months.
St Pauline  From Blue River
By Felix Thalhammer, Capri Cheesery • Firm • Raw milk • American Original cross inspired by Gouda and Havarti • Made in small batches • Cured on cedar boards • Aged 3+ months.
Black Sheep Truffle  From LaValle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese • Semi-Firm • Italian-inspired with mild sheep flavor, flecks of black truffle • Washed in truffle oil • Aged 6+ months.
Dante  From Plain
By Bob Wills at Cedar Grove Cheese, Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative • Firm • Made with sheep's milk from flocks in Wisconsin and nearby states • Pasteurized milk and vegetarian rennet • Flavor is mild sheep and nutty • Aged 6+ months.
Driftless  From Westby
By Brenda Jensen, Hidden Springs Creamery • Fresh • Hand-ladled, fresh and pure: made only with sheep's milk, rennet and salt.  • Available unflavored or flavored with Olive Oil, Basil and Sea Salt; Honey and Lavender; Tomato and Garlic; and a few seasonal flavors.
Gran Canaria  From La Valle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese Company • Semi-Firm • Sheep & cow’s milks • Hand-rubbed with extra virgin olive oil • Nutty & sweet • Aged 2 -3 years.
Mobay  From La Valle
By Sid Cook, Carr Valley Cheese Company • Semi-Firm • Inspired by classic French Morbier, with a unique Wisconsin twist • Layers of sheep and goat’s milks separated by grapevine ash • Aged 1+ year.
Mona  From Plain
By Bob Wills, Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative • Hard • Blend of sheep and cow’s milks • Robust flavor • Made at Cedar Grove Cheese • Aged 6+ months.


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